Beautify Your Home's Interior Making use of these Handy Tips 418181

In search of a starting point for your forthcoming decor project? Interior decorating can be slightly intimidating if decorating does not come naturally to your account. check that Luckily, now you may decorate the house with all the right advice. In the event you continue with the tips inside article that follows, you will have little difficulty utilizing your decor projects.

Don't spend a fortune on custom lighting. Sure, investing in new fixtures tends to make the entire room look better, however, many people produce the mistake of obtaining them at ridiculous prices. They are definitely purchased for far less on various websites, including Amazon. Also, discount stores typically have lovely fixtures. It can be hard to wear a basement given that you cannot possibly imagine what you are able do ordinary dark and gloomy place. If you work with some brighter colors and fabrics, you possibly can turn your dark, damp, depressing basement right place in places you will want to spend time with your family. Forklift Mac Bundle Inside your bedroom, install curtains for that much light that you like to get in any room. If you desire to rise in the am which has a fresh burst of sunlight, work with a very light color scheme in your blinds or curtains. Unless you like light every morning, use darker colors.

Learn how to paint a wall before painting a wall. Which may seem like commonsense, howevere, if you aren't conscious of the level of your paint, tips on how to utilize it properly, and ways in which much you would like, you could develop a mess or lose a bundle. Try seeing a big box store for quite a few pointers on techniques and kinds of paint. Contractors Seattle Washington Construction Contracts In New Contractor Exam Decide what you choose the focal point belonging to the room for being. This is often likely to be another thing that the room might center around. It's really a window, a desk, a piece of artwork - whatever you need that it is. As soon as you what your focal point is, you'll be able to arrange the room then it compliments that decoration. A few to market the house throughout the near future, utilize bland colors when redecorating. Bright colors is usually offensive for some people, so if your home's interior is loaded with radiant pallettes, some property buyers may perhaps be switched off because of your home's interior design.

Interior design might actually turn into a great number of fun when you've got advice. constructionhelpz Use the information shared in this article and you will be on your way to decorating the house just like a professional. Keep the following tips at heart so when you now have a home planning project.

ItteQ upcoming challenge (11.06.05) - Tegoshi photos
I found some pics of the upcoming matsuri on a german journal. The challenge takes place in Germany again, where Tegoshi and Miyagawa participated in a cannonball competition! I'm just sharing the pics in which Tegoshi appears :D. This promises to be very funny XD

(click the images to enlarge)


credits: //

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ItteQ upcoming challenge (11.06.05) - Tegoshi photos

Getting The Most From Your Next Home Improvement Project

Why should you learn home improvement skills? Learning home improvement skills can be a boon to your wallet. The fact is that handymen are often expensive and you can perform many small jobs at home. Learning how to do small tasks can empower you as a home owner and leave you with more money.

Take note of the final location of all appliances when you are planning to remodel your kitchen. If you need outlets or gas lines moved or installed, be sure to arrange to have a licensed contractor tackle this job. Don't forget to have the contractor install a outlet in the cabinet above where the microwave will be housed. One energy-efficient improvement you can make to your home is to replace your windows. Older-style single-panel windows don't insulate the inside of your home nearly as well as the newer double-panel style. New windows will increase the aesthetic beauty of your home while saving you money each month in electricity bills.

The above tips are meant to be a helpful tool on your journey to home improvement success. Home improvement skills are a wonderful tool in any home owner's toolbox. Taking care of small jobs now, can avoid costly, larger breakdowns later. Take back your property with your new knowledge of home improvement!

A new list
I figured I should post something entertaining for all the new people I've friended :) instead of some lame post about my life. :P

So I decided to do another one of my 'top 5 lists' that come with pretty little mini picspams this time. :D I don't really know what to call this list, but here it is:

My Top 5 Non-"Canon" Couples

Now, normally I'm a huuuuuge stickler for canon in books and tv shows (don't you dare mention Harry/Hermione to me!), but after yet another discussion with Louie over who belongs with who in whatever tv show, I realized that I like shipping other couples that aren't what the tv show creators have in mind as their OTPs. So I compiled this list of couples that are MY OTP, but not necessarily the shows. So without further ado:

First of all, Honorable Mention goes to Chris/Lorelai of Gilmore Girls. They had so much chemistry together, it's no wonder they slept together every damn time they saw each other. I thought they were soo perfect together with their witty humor that just complimented each other. Luke would often look at Lorelai with annoyance every time she tried to be funny with him while Christopher would just play along. (I do ship Luke/Lorelai too, but I absolutely adore Chris/Lorelai).

Now on to the Official Top 5!

Shut up. - I am an optimist. I am a fool. I am not sure. - Let me speak. Because I'm your best friend, because I love you, if what you want is to be with Callie, then I will do everything in my power to support you and help you make your marriage work. But because I'm your best friend and because I love you I also have to say that I'm in love with you. I'm in love with you. I can't promise the future, I can't promise perfection because we're us and I'm me, who knows what will happen. But in my heart, I am sure I'm in love with you George, and I hope you're in love with me too.

This couple is at the bottom of the list because well, George is dead, and therefore they can never be together anymore. (RIP :( ). I only JUST started warming up to Alex/Izzie now that George is completely out of the picture, but after George and Izzie broke up, I became disinterested in Grey's Anatomy and stopped watching for a while. (My work schedule didn't help either). I thought that from the very beginning this couple had good chemistry and they were always there for each other, always! Not like Alex who was only there for Izzie when he felt like it. A lot of people didn't like the fact that they got together because they were best friends first, but who says you can't fall in love with your best friend?! And the thing I hated more was how quickly the writers made them fizzle out. Why even bother?! Ugh! You do not just cheat on your wife with your best friend after years of hidden pent up attraction towards each other, have steamy alcohol induced sex and, confess your love like that quote above! Then later on make up some stupid thing that the sex is bad, because their first night seemed waay too steamy to all of a sudden become bad sex after that. Then why even bother having George say "Maybe in the future" and then just completely forget about them after that! Feelings like the ones Izzie expressed for George (above) don't just go away!

In the final scene when they're both dying, Shonda Rimes said that she originally had Denny escorting Izzie into the afterlife, but after a while she thought the scene wasn't right, something was missing. Then she figured it out, George. George, who's always been there for her, with her, should be the one escorting her, because they will always love each other, and they belong together, even in the afterlife, and thus that final tear jerking scene was created. Ah idk, I just think they were so perfect together and I hate that the writers broke them up faster than they got them together, and then just never ever bothered afterward. Saying 'Maybe in the future' and then just never bothering again, is not closure!

Elena: You and I, we have something.


Elena: When we were in Atlanta, why didn't you use your compulsion on me?

Damon: Who's to say I didn't?

Elena: I know you didn't.

Damon: I didn't compel you in Atlanta because we were having fun, and I wanted it to be real.

I'm gonna be completely honest here, the main reason why I began shipping these two was because they look so.damn.good. together! I was seriously tempted to use a Damon/Katherine make out screencap for the picspam, but I decided not to because this is Damon/Elena, not Katherine. :P And another thing I feel I must point out is that I'm not completely against Stephan/Elena, I just prefer Damon/Elena's hotness haha. There's just no denying those looks they give each other! Damon's always been honest with Elena from the beginning while Stephan's just been lying and hiding things from her, even after she asks him to explain. And I find it totally cute how Damon cares for her, while trying to make it seem like he doesn't. He's just a big softie on the inside. :) Elena trusts Damon for some odd reason, and he trusts her in return. He saved her life and she saved his (twice if you count her asking him to leave the tomb and then he listens to her!)<3 I just think there's this weird bond between them that Stephan/Elena are missing right now.

"Dan Humphrey, just who I hate to admit I was looking for."


Blair: Excellent work. She's totally calling back.

Dan: This is so weird. I don't normally do plots against people.

Blair: Don't worry virgin, I'll talk you through it. - Right on schedule. - Humphrey you are a born liar!

Dan: Thanks, I think.

Blair: All that stuff about 'last night' was genius, anything you wanna tell me?

Okay don't get me wrong, I am a HUUUUGE Chuck/Blair shipper, but I have to admit the thought of Dan/Blair really intrigues me! I blame this pairing on Leighton Meester, because that girl looks good with anyone on the show! (I loved Nate/Blair when they were together, and Carter/Blair too). I've always thought that Dan and Blair had great scenes together and if they got together I can imagine how much funnier their scenes would be. But aside from just their budding sort-of-almost-maybe friendship, they've also had some really sweet scenes together. Dan and Blair may be opposites but they're both romantics and I think they'd really enjoy that of each other.

After watching The O.C. recently, which was created by Josh Shwartz who also created Gossip Girl, I realized that the two shows are EXTREMELY similar, the only significant difference being the location. So, since Blair is the Summer, and Dan is the Seth, it only makes sense that Dan/Blair=Seth/Summer! (And that'd mean Marissa=Serena which would hopefully mean Serena would die!)

"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, pur, pur, pur."


"What up, Moonpie?"


Penny: No no no, I can't wait that long, you gotta help me, please?

Sheldon: Alright, let it never be said that Sheldon Lee Cooper ignored the pleas of a damsel in distress.

---- ---- ----

Sheldon: Which panties do you wear on Mondays?

Penny: I don't need panties, I just need shorts and a shirt.

---- ---- ----

Penny: Okay now, you gotta help me put these on. But don't look!

Sheldon: Don't look?

Penny: I don't want you to see me naked!

Sheldon: Oh. Well that's understandable. *closes eyes and hold shirt up for Penny to get into* You may be interested to know that a prohibition against looking is well established in heroic mythology. Lot and his wife, Perseus and Medusa, Orphius and Eurydice.

Penny: Yeah, great.

Sheldon: They always look, it never ends well.

Penny: Okay, now you're gonna help me get my arm into the sleeve.

Sheldon: Okay. *eyes remain closed, hands wander*

Penny: ...Is that my arm?

Sheldon: ...It doesn't feel like an arm.

Penny: Then maybe you should let it go.

Sheldon: *lets go after a moment too long!* Alrighty.

---- ---- ----

Sheldon: While we have a moment, may I ask you a question?

Penny: What?

Sheldon: Why do you have the Chinese character for 'soup' tattooed on your right buttock?

Penny: It's not 'soup', it's 'courage.'

Sheldon: No it isn't. But I suppose it does take courage to demonstrate that kind of commitment to soup.

Penny: How'd you see it? You said you wouldn't look.

Sheldon: Sorry, as I told you, the hero always peeks.

I WILL SHIP THIS COUPLE TILL THE DAY I DIE! Seriously, I don't know if it's just because I just got into The Big Bang Theory so I'm all hyped up on it now, but these two BELONG together!!! They are the epitome if "Opposites attract." These two definitely have the best scenes of the entire cast and even if you don't ship them you have to admit their interactions are priceless. With Penny and Sheldon you can just tell that the two characters are continually growing and developing, learning lots of things from each other, especially; while Leonard remains this big bag of douche. Penny/Leonard pisses me off so much, so I won't get into that because I can go on forever saying how wrong they are. Instead I'll keep on with Sheldon/Penny. Before Sheldon used to be this robotic man with no feelings, etc. and most even call him "asexual" since he has no thoughts about the opposite sex - EXCEPT when it comes to Penny! Throughout the series he's made various comments about her being attractive, and whenever he or she make an unintentional sexual innuendo towards each other, they both catch it and acknowledge it. If Sheldon were really "asexual", stuff like that would just go past him. Even just the small things like human contact are a big deal for Sheldon, and throughout the series I've noticed that he always lets Penny touch him and doesn't say anything about it, and in the most recent episode, The Large Hadron Collision, Sheldon actually initiates the contact, running to her without hesitation, and a hug of all things! :D It may seem like nothing to everyone else, but this is a big deal for Sheldon! (And let's not forget the time he grabbed Penny's boob! XD ) Aside from just the physical attraction towards each other, even though Sheldon is still Sheldon and always criticizes and insults his friends for being inferior to him, especially in intelligence levels, he accepts Penny into their group (even choosing her over Raj one time XD ) and seems to be getting over how not smart she is lol. This just means that he realizes he likes Penny for her personality and values the friendship he has with her enough to overlook the fact that she's not a genius.

And even though Sheldon lacks emotions and doesn't know how to read them, he always does his best with Penny and seems to be learning a lot from her in that aspect. Whenever Sheldon is feeling terrible, be it sick or having childhood issues, Penny has always been there for him! (Unlike his douche of a roommate). In the first episode of Season 3 where Sheldon feels humiliated and worthless after finding out his friends messed with his data, Penny has the option of either letting Sheldon be Sheldon and assume he'd get over it, or having sex with Leonard which they've been waiting for, and she chooses Sheldon. She realizes that this was obviously a really big deal for him and understands he must be feeling bad so she chooses Sheldon. She knows Sheldon needs someone there and saw that Leonard being the selfish cunt that he is didn't care, so she was there for him to comfort him, even though he's always been a jerk to her and everyone. And after he goes back home to Texas, she talks Leonard into going after him to bring him back.<3 Then when Penny dislocated her shoulder and screamed for Sheldon's help while he was on the phone, it was so cute how he immediately got off the phone and went to see what happened. <3

Also, in the pilot episode, I noticed Sheldon's reaction to Penny when he first saw her was similar to Leonards, meaning he was obviously attracted to her as well. And the rest of what I'm saying is probably gonna be toooootally biased because I obviously ship them, but oh well, maybe a non-believer would read this and change their mind after seeing that little signs from the very beginning were always there. In the pilot episode, at least to me, it seemed like Penny was more interested in (possibly more attracted to) Sheldon than Leonard. The way she saw his board and thought it was impressive caused Leonard's jealousy to strike up and want to show off his own board. And then when she sits down in Sheldon's seat, and he points it out, she suggests he sits next to her with a tooootal flirty smile! and for a moment there it seems like Sheldon ACTUALLY considered it! Which is saying a lot because Sheldon is crazy strict about no one sitting in his seat lol.

And aside from Sheldon learning about social skills, Penny is also learning and adapting to her nerds around her and Sheldon is noticing and approving! Like when Bernadette sits in Sheldon's seat and they all tell her not to, and she asks why Sheldon can't just sit somewhere else, Penny explains to her why that seat is the perfect seat, repeating it word for word exactly as Sheldon does and he seems impressed and approves of her! :D All in all, this couple is seriously so perfect for each other. Sheldon and Penny have been the two characters to really grow and develop the most throughout the series and they really compliment each other well. These two just GET each other. Penny's Christmas gift to Sheldon in Season 2 was absolutely perfect for him! She knew he'd love it and it would be perfect for him, while the gift she got Leonard was just a little joke, and then Sheldon's gifts to Penny and his declaration of "I know, it's not enough!" was just sooo adorable! Then he had to add the hug because he knew that physical contact like that shows you care and appreciate the person. <333 Although it seems highly unlikely that they'd get together just because it seems as if Sheldon will never have a romantic interest in his life, I really truly believe Penny is the one for him. They're only on Season 3, the writers have PLENTY of time to continue to develop Sheldon and have him realize all those feelings he's felt for Penny the whole time!!!

And finally, the number 1 spot goes to:

Rachel: I just want to say how proud I am to have you on my arm in front of the whole high school.


Puck: I'm really sorry I ever did this to you.

Rachel: It's okay.

Puck: No, it isn't. No one deserves this feeling. You know what the worst part is? It's not the burning in your eyes, or the way the slushie drips all the way into your underpants. It's the humiliation. I feel like I could burst into tears at any moment. I'm sorry, but today when the clock chimes at 3:30...

Rachel: You'll choose football over Glee, which probably means we can't be together anymore.

Puck: Yes. Damn, I feel like a bad Jew.


Rachel: Are you sure about this Noah? Choosing us over the team means you might get a slushie in your face everyday.

Puck: Bring it.

I struggled over who should take the top spot in this list, Sheldon/Penny or Puck/Rachel. Obviously I had a lot to say about Sheldon/Penny (and honestly I just scratched the surface), but in the end, I decided on Puck and Rachel for the top spot. Why? Because this couple won so many people over with ONE.SINGLE.episode! From the very first episode I was so intrigued with Puck, and never saw the appeal in Finn at all, so Finn/Rachel didn't interest me. So when episode 8 came along and I saw Puck/Rachel making out I freaked out with happiness!!! People always try to say that he was only interested in getting in her pants, and let's be honest, that's how it started: "Rachel was a hot Jew and the good Lord wanted me to get into her pants." But by the end of the episode, it was clear that it had soooo developed into much more than that! I really hate that the writers broke them up within the same episode, and then just never really had them interact anymore (until the Sectionals episode - that look they give each other soooo says it's not over!)

I'll start from the beginning. When they're first making out, Rachel stops him and tells him that she can't be with him if can't sing a solo in front of the Glee club, she needs a leading man of course. So the next thing you know, Puck is singing a solo! HE SANG A SONG FOR HER, WILLINGLY! He wanted to prove to her that he could be her leading man, and he did it because he wanted to stay with her. And he sang "Sweet Caroline" of all songs, "Where it began, I can't begin to knowin', but then I know it's growin' strong. Was in the spring, and spring became the summer. Who'd have believed you'd come along." that is sooo a sign! I haven't seen Finn singing a solo to Rachel! Then later on when he's walking down the hall with her arm in arm and he's listening to her drone on and on about stuff he doesn't care about but he listens anyway. <3 It's just like Jackie/Hyde, my OTP of That 70's Show hehe. (And I also love how she calls Puck "Noah" just like Jackie used to call Hyde "Steven"!)

Then after Puck get slushied, and Rachel helps clean him up in the restroom, gahhhh, that is probably the most sincere scene they have together. I love how honest and open he is with her ('I feel like I can burst into tears at any moment'), and he apologizes for all those slushie facials he used to give her. And when he tells her that he's gonna choose football over Glee he seems genuinely sorry that he's doing so, and Rachel's trying her best to support his choice even though it'll hurt her. And then ahhhhhh, when 3:30 finally comes, PUCK CHOOSES GLEE! He chose Glee which means he chose Rachel! (And then the other 2 football players also chose Glee ^_^). Where was Finn? At fucking football practice. Both of the girls that he likes, his pregnant girlfriend AND Rachel are in Glee, he had more of a reason to choose Glee than Puck did, but he didn't because he didn't want to ruin his popularity and get slushied. What did Puck say when Rachel pointed that out? "BRING IT." This just shows how much better a leading man Puck would be for Rachel than Finn!!!!! Finn only joined Glee because Mr. Shuester blackmailed him, whereas Puck joined Glee completely willingly - helllooo leading man potential! Don't question his badassness, have you seen his guns? <3

What I hated about that episode was when they broke up suddenly, they could've at least made it last a little longer!! :( When I did like about that scene though is that you can tell when Puck says "Whatever, I was gonna break up with you anyway" he gave off that 'whatever' attitude because he didn't wanna show that he was really upset and hurt about her breaking up with him!!

Rachel and Puck are great together. They know each others flaws and they are so open and honest with each other; as Lea Michele said in an interview, Rachel lets her guard down when she's with Puck. I'll admit now that the whole baby-daddy secret got out and Finn & Quinn aren't together anymore, I don't know how Puck and Rachel will get together again, but they haaaaave toooo!!! It's sooo not over between them! And I'm glad that the writers noticed how much the fans loved them and promised us more! :D :D

(And yeah I do kinda ship Puck/Quinn too, but waaaaay less than Puck/Rachel. It's just Mark Salling, he looks soooooo good with anyone!!)

So that's it, you're free to leave your thoughts! :)

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Dream boys 2012 Press conference (Zoom in Saturday 2012.6.30)

credit: Nana Honey (ripped by me)


Seriously I can't even be happy about it. He is starting to look like a walking zombie, just give this guy some sleep.  And I'm not happy with the cast either...Just give me Maru and Koki back...*sighs*

(probably this world really needs a group of nice fangirls who should kidnap him and send to a great island with some days off *sighs again*)

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Dream boys 2012 Press conference (Zoom in Saturday 2012.6.30)


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